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BEST IT PARK, IDA, GUINDY, CHENNAI Project Info Client : RRD Corporation Pvt Ltd, Tirupur. Project Size : 73,000 sq.ft, Basement + Stilt+ 9 floors. Type : IT Building Location : Guindy Industrial Estate, Chennai. Value : Rs. 1,100 lacs Highlight : Precast wall as façade Precast Elements : All elements except the foundation are

Showroom Building, Puducherry. Project Info Client : KV Tex, cuddalore. Project Size : 86,000 sq.Ft, basement+ ground + 5 floors. Type : Show room building. Value : Rs. 1200 lacs. Location : Puducherry. Precast Elements : Hollow Core Slabs as roof elements, RCC Columns, Beams, Retaining Walls, lift core walls, Staircase.

Novotel IBIS Combo Hotel Executed by VME PRECAST, a vital European hotel group Accor launches NOVOTEL IBIS, the tallest precast hotel in India. Strategically located on OMR, the use of precast products has played a quintessential role in contributing towards the

Ela Educational trust Project Info Client : Ela Educational trust, Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai. Project Size : 90,000 sq.Ft, ground + 3 floors Type : School Building Value : Rs. 1200 lacs Location : Chennai Precast Elements : Hollow core slabs as roof elements, rcc columns, beams, external insulated walls, precast lift core walls,

M. A. Chidambaram Cricket Stadium, Chennai Project Info Client : Ganesan Builders, MAC Cricket stadium 6000Rm of gallery steps Project Size : 6,000 Rm Type : Gallery Steps Value : Rs. 250 lacs Duration : 45 days Location : Chennai Highlight : In the original design rise and tread were designed as separate

PRECAST CONCRETE PLANTERS Super durable, concrete planters can last a very long time. They offer thick walls providing less fluctuation in soil temperatures than other types of planters. Features Durable Unalterable Colours Long lasting Environmental Friendly Suitable For Gardening Plantation Indoor Plantation Roof top Plantation Nursery Gardens PRECAST CONCRETE STAIRCASE