Sleek Walls are thin concrete panels made using structural steel and high-strength concrete of M 40 grade. Full composite action is achieved by the bonding of the concrete to the metal framing assembly. These are robust and highly flexible having wide variety of applications. It can be designed as load bearing walls, shear walls & as cladding walls. These walls have been designed as per the Building Code requirements, for Seismic Zones and for high wind loads

full panel
precast sleek wall specification

Note: if the wall height is more than 3m, then panel has to be erected along the height and the length has to be restricted to 3m.

sleek wall insulation
    • Precast concrete units are produced under strict, factory-controlled conditions.
    • Finish and dimensional accuracy are verified prior to delivery, unlike conventional systems, where it is difficult to inspect at heights and also in the external side of the building
• Improved air quality.
    • Precast concrete walls have long-term durability and require little or no maintenance to preserve their original look.
    • Concrete has a design life of well over 60 years.
• Precast concrete is resistant to rain penetration and wind-blown debris. Unlike other materials that deteriorate quickly, it can withstand harsh weather.
    • It is a Green Product unlike most of the other artificial materials.
Fire resistance
    • Concrete cladding offers excellent inherent resistance to fire, protecting occupants from the effect of external fires. It also prevents spread of flame.
    • Concrete provides excellent inherent acoustic insulation, making concrete cladding particularly useful in busy urban areas or noisy environments.
Gives endless opportunities to implement their designs. high-quality facade, with a great variety of durable textures, colors and patterns, including stone and brick
    • External scaffolding is generally not required as fixings are accessed from the inside of building.
    • Precast cladding panels produce little or no waste and also no wet activities, as they arrive to the site in a finished state.
• Building can be enveloped quickly, so weather will have minimal disturbance to the work
    • Panels can be delivered with windows and insulation fitted in the factory.
    • Electrical conduits can also be concealed in the panels.
    • It is very light, when compared to the normal concrete block / precast concrete wall. Average weight of the wall is 200kg/sqm. Due to this there will be
    A) Savings in structural costs
    B) Lesser the weight of the super structure better is the performance under seismic conditions.
    • Precast cladding panels produce little or no waste and also no wet activities, as they arrive to the site in a finished state.
• Building can be enveloped quickly, so weather will have minimal disturbance to the work
    • Serves dual purpose – exterior wall, as well as cladding walls. Hence, there is an overall savings in cost
    • Walls are cast using insulation inside it, there by
    A) Reducing the inside temperature & the air conditioning costs.
    B) Better acoustical performance
    • Concrete cladding typically requires little maintenance compared to other lighter- weight cladding solutions, providing lifecycle cost benefits
    • Cladding walls are only about 120mm thick, unlike conventional block walls, which are almost twice the thickness (230mm), thereby giving increased carpet area.


Can span long to a max length of 8 mt/9m

It can be fixed vertically too, to a height of about 6mts, as one single piece.

Can be welded or bolted, so that it can be removed at a later stage, in case of expansion

provision for fixing rolling shutters

Our mission is to bring iconic structures to change our skyline. Architects and designers can dream wild without any limitations on the shapes, textures or colours. Our surfaces are treated with the best materials, which are resistant to atmospheric pollutants, as well as easy to clean, rather they self-clean during rainy days. While, we transform your dreams to reality, we use only natural products or those that are certified as environmentally safe products. Our motto is to build to last.

Precast concrete cladding can be installed quickly on site, with just-in-time delivery, Panels can be supported by the structural frame of a building, or self-supporting and restrained. Cladding panels can also be designed to be load bearing to support floors. The weights of these cladding panels are only about 200kg/sqm. Average size of the cladding panel in commercial buildings can be about 20 sqm. Considering 10% of the window openings, the net area would be about 18sqm, which is about 3.6 tons. This is very much lower than the conventional precast concrete. Hence the speed and cost of erection is low.

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