VME’s compound wall are engineered to suit to different customer requirements. Compound walls will be used as boundary walls, high rise security walls with barbed wires, grills etc., or as a simple low height and cost effective walls to divide the boundary between two properties or as decorative walls. The price spent on these walls depends on the type of application and customer needs.

We at VME have over the past several years studied different types of requirements and have developed solutions.


The sizes of all these will vary based on the customer’s choice and based on the soil conditions and the land topography.

The foundation of the compound wall depends the type of soil condition and based on the budget that the client is ready to spend.

Pile Foundation

In cases of clayey soil and high water table, it is preferred to go for a cast-in-place pile upto the NGL and then have a precast pile cap with a socket. The socket is cast along with the pile cap. Size of the pilecap is designed in a manner that it can accommodate a variation of 100mm along the X axis and Y axis respectively. Alignment of the socket is important, so that a straight line is got.

Open Eccentric Foundation

In case of a good soil,we can go with an open foundation. In the open foundation, footing and the pocket are cast as one piece. Advantage of this system is that, there is no need for any cast-in-place works. Footings will be placed in position and the precast column will be erected on these sockets and wedged. After the alignment is done, the pocket will be grouted. This system of foundation has been developed considering no cast in place work at site and minimal erection tools required to do the erection. Further the skill set required for the people to do the erection is also very less and they can be easily trained.

Topography of land

Based on topography of the land, height of the compound wall will change. Based on this, height of the column has to be arrived. If the client decides to maintain the same topography, then there will not be any change in height of the walls.

In case if the client wants to maintain a flat level, then there will be filling/cutting of land. In places, where filling is required, soil has to be retained, for which a retaining wall will be required. In such places we will have a retaining wall and compound wall slided into the columns. In majority of the cases, land fill will not be more than 2m.

Other features of the walls

Simple and elegant decorative elements can be given on the walls like wall coping, column coping.

Safety and security features like grills, Y angles, barbed wires can be fixed on the walls/columns

The surface of the walls can be painted or polished or engraved with letters/labels/logos.

Advantages of VME’s solution:

We have developed in a manner that there is

very less site work and easy for any contractor to learn and erect the compound wall.

the walls are single panel, unlike other suppliers who offer many panels, where we cannot get a proper line.

The columns can be bolted to the foundation and it can be removed and replaced to a new location. This will be very much useful for land lords, who are acquiring properties regularly and expanding.

It is designed as per IS codes and superior in quality due to its high grade of concrete

Due to the high grade of concrete and special materials added, it has a long life.

We will be able to deliver large quantities in short time.