VME Hollow Core Slabs have all the advantages of precast concrete. The Hollow Core Slab (HCS) from VME Precast, is of very high quality due to its excellent concrete compressive strength coupled with high tensile strength of steel strands. Featuring advantages such as longer spans and excellent load bearing capacities, our proven technologies for pre-stressed hollow-core slabs allow you to build large areas with less need for partition walls, intermediate columns and beams resulting in unprecedented architectural freedom during and after construction.

The Pre-stressed Hollow Core Slabs are manufactured using long line extruders. The HCS are cast on beds having a width of 1.2 meters and 120 meters long. Based on the project requirements and capacities, the slabs are cut as per the required dimensions. The factory has the capacity to produce 10000 sq.ft of HCS per day in various sizes and in varied thickness.


Flexibility of Design Approach
Enhanced Spans
Opening and cut outs can be given in the slabs


Immediate un-propped Working Platform
Reduction of in-situ Concrete
Speed of Erection
Better insulation
High load capcity


Residential Buildings
Large span commercial buidlings
HCS can be used as walls in fac tories
Large span Boundary Wall Panels
Retaining Wall Panels