Precast RCC/Pre-stressed beams are advantageous for fast constructions as no propping of beams are required. There is no need for expensive on-site formwork and flexibility with design is also possible. The main advantage of a precast beam structure is that it permits less structural depth for a given load-bearing capacity. Precast beams are manufactured in a variety of sizes, shapes and lengths. The concrete surface is smooth and the edges are chamfered.


  • Long spans,column spacing can be increased
  • Low beam depths, thus higher floor to ceiling heights can be got
  • Holes can be provided in the beams to run services


  • Very high grade of concrete can be achieved in facory environment
  • Pre-stress beams can give long spans and low depths
  • Beams need not be propped and can be loaded immediately after erection
  • Heavy loading can be done on Pre-stressed beams