Precast Concrete Kitchen Counters

Precast concrete kitchen counters are custom sized and shaped to any kitchen configuration.

Concrete doesn’t scratch and is impervious to heat.

Concrete makes for a very durable and long lasting surface.

The surface is easy to clean-up and less or rather no maintenance

Precast Concrete Sinks

Precast Concrete sink is something that is a typically part of a Concrete countertop. Not only is this a very attractive and smooth look, it is also incredibly durable.

Modified Wave Sink

Stretch Wave Sink

Precast Concrete Seaters

Providing you the best range of Concrete seater with best finish of the products. All components are reinforced suitably for long use and to prevent damage during handling, transportation, and erection.

Suitable for:
Outdoor Garden
Railway station
Seater for Smart city

Precast Concrete Bench

Concrete Bench are perfect for public and private areas alike. Public areas such as parks can take advantage of the weight that concrete provides which prohibits unwanted movement or relocation of the table.

Precast Concrete Bollard

Precast Concrete Bollards are installed to impact protective , concrete’s imposing profile and inherent weight make it a clear guide to traffic


Suitable for:

Pedestrian pathways
Road Sides
Building Entrance
For asset Protection

Precast Concrete Tables

Concrete table is the ideal solution if looks, affordability, theft proof, and low maintenance and durability are of key concern.

concrete tables offer maximum durability and minimum maintenance. The rugged steel reinforced construction makes them an ideal solution for outdoor use. Yet the gentle beauty, enhanced by a variety of color and texture options, offers versatility that will add aesthetic value to property – indoors and out.

Deco Dining table

Contempo Coffee Table

Blazer Coffee Table