Chennai Silks Showrooms

Project Info

Client :

Chennai Silks

Project Size :

1,40,000 sq.ft., semi basement + 8 storey building

Value :

Rs. 1,200 lacs

Duration :

Completed cast in place foundation in 4 months and precast erection in 4 months.

Location :

Tirunelveli, 700km from factory

Highlight :

No setbacks on the sides were available for placing the cranes in the entire stretch of 100metre long building. Precast elements were erected from behind and marched forward. With only one crane the entire precast elements were erected in a short span of 5months. 10000Mt of precast elements were transported from factory to site (700Km)

Precast Elements :

All elements except the foundation were in precast. 265mm Hollow Core Slabs as roof elements, Precast Sandwich wall panels with thermal insulation for all external walls, Precast lift core walls, Precast Staircase, Precast RCC Columns and Precast Pre-tensioned Beams.